I am a father, husband, multiple Ironman finisher, attorney and dreamer. I believe one of the best ways of staying motivated is to tell as many people as possible about my goals. The more folks that know about what I am attempting to do, the more motivated I am to keep at it until I succeed.

Swimming the English Channel is a HUGE goal. I believe it is, however, achievable. I will work hard to make this dream come true.


2 Responses to About

  1. connie says:

    i to am a beliver and like to have a goal to train towards, swimming the english channel is a dream of mine, i am 47 yrs old and have been swimming for over 35yrs my only concern is the cold, it scares me!!!!! i am wondering what did Marcia help you with i am looking a contacting her, but because i live in canada not sure if and what she would do for me i am looking at 2014 for my swim good luck and i will enjoy following your progress

  2. Oscar says:

    So I came across your post looking to see who has swam the length of Lucky Peak. Looks like you did a little part. Are you interested in swimming from Dam to Dam ? It’s about 10.5-11 miles. Thinking about August some time. If you are interested in tagging along, let me know. Drop me an Email or find me on FB @ “Oscar Moosie Williamson”. Good luck in your quest.


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