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Take A Look At My Swimming Log…The Yardage Is Beginning To Go Up!

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to really check out this blog, you may not have noticed the 5 “pages” listed just below the photograph of the White Cliffs of Dover. Those pages are: (1) Home; (2) About; (3) Open … Continue reading

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C.A.S.T. Classic 10k Race Report

The day dawned…dark! Let me back up a bit. On Friday, I drove from Boise to Heyburn State Park to camp out the night before the C.A.S.T. Classic. I got to my campsite a little before sunset. As I ate … Continue reading

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Not So Fast, My Friend!

The “shout-out” to Lee Corso of ESPN’s College Gameday that is the title to this post seemed appropriate as we approach the beginning of college football season. It is also apropos of my swim in Lucky Peak this past Sunday. … Continue reading

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What The Heck…Why Not Push Myself!

Last week I completed (competed) in the Deer Creek Open Water 5k swim. When I got home I immediately began searching for more open water swims to get under my belt before the dreaded winter arrives in the Rocky Mountain … Continue reading

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Deer Creek Open Water 5k Race Report

Let me just say: The drive was worth it. The Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim folks put on a heck of an event! The weather was darn-near perfect. Michelle did us all proud by being the only SUP support … Continue reading

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Making The “Same” Feel “Different”

As you can imagine, training to swim the English Channel requires…lots of swimming! This morning I made the same old Clocktower Pond feel different. It made my normally enjoyable morning swim even more so today. How can I make a … Continue reading

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