And Now…Something Totally Different – Norb And The Tour Divide

I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize my “brother,” Norb DeKerchove, who is taking on a challenge as great as swimming the English Channel. (Personally, I think he’s crazier than I am!)

Norb has decide to “Ride the Divide.” What the heck is that you may ask. Well, simply put, Norb has chosen, voluntarily, to ride a mountain bike along the continental divide from Banff, Alberta, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, on the United States-Mexico border. This route is a whopping 2,745 miles with over 200,000 feet of elevation gain. Norb will be taking off from Boise on the drive to Banff on Sunday. The “Grand Depart” happens Friday, June 10, 2011, at 9 a.m.

According to the Tour Divide website: “Tour Divide requires no entry fee or formal registration. There is no prizing for finishing.” It is simply a challenge for the individual. A challenge requiring not only a massive amount of fitness, but an attention to detail and logistics that borders on the incredible.

Norb’s vision of “riding the divide” sprang to life innocently enough one night in the fall of 2010 when he, me, and a group of friends saw the film “Ride the Divide.” What is funny about the beginning of Norb’s quest is this: as we were leaving the theater, someone in our group said: “I wonder how long it will take before Norb tells us he is going to do this”!! You see, our group had trained for Ironman with Norb and we knew how his mind worked! Norb is truly a “go big or go home” type of guy. He dreams big…and does everything in his power to make those dreams come true.

In fact, when I told Norb about my quest to swim the English Channel in 2013, his response was something along the lines of: “Sounds great…what can I do to help?” It is this attitude coupled with the many adventures Norb and I have been through together since we first met 2007, that leads me to call him my brother.

If you would like to follow Norb’s progress, this link will help you. If you would like to read about Norb’s adventure leading up to his epic adventure, and his adventure itself, check out his blog. This is the homepage for the Tour Divide.

Please, keep Norb in your thoughts and prayers during his time on the Divide!

Until next time…stay focused on your goals and do everything in your power to achieve them! GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING YOU DON’T THINK YOU CAN! It’s good for the soul.


About John R Kormanik

Husband, father, attorney, multiple Ironman, aspiring English Channel swimmer
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One Response to And Now…Something Totally Different – Norb And The Tour Divide

  1. Eve DeKerchove says:

    John, what a nice tribute to Norb and his Tour Divide challenge! We all appreciate your terrific support of him and being there for all of the DeKerchove family. You and Micky and Allie are awesome friends. Know you are loved!

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