1st Official USMS Postal Swim Done…Sort Of

Well, today was the day for me to complete my first USMS (United States Masters Swimming) “1 Hour Postal” swim. This swim required me to swim as far as I could in 1 hour. The “postal” refers to the fact the results are mailed (either via the USMS website or snail mail). This way, I can be compared to others my age across the nation. Pretty cool concept.

I went to my “swimming home” the West YMCA/Boise Aquatic Center with Allie and Kenzie, who had agreed to count laps and keep time for me. I lose count after a bit when I’m swimming non-stop in the pool. Trust me, it is EASY to do! The girls did a FANTASTIC job, and did just what I told them to do…just count my laps.

Unfortunately, I made a rookie mistake. It seems as though I need to report my split times per 500 yards. Opps, I didn’t tell the girls that needed to be done. One of the other timers on the pool deck told the girls what needed to be done, but after I had swum about 1,000 yards. I’ll check in with the Master’s director here, Jill Wright, and see what can be done. Worst case scenario: I need to do the swim again before the end of January 2011. I guess things could be worse!!

Overall, I felt pretty good throughout the swim. I was able to swim exactly 3,500 yards in 1 hour. That distance is 129 yards further than the last time I did a timed 1-hour swim. Hey, 129 yards might not seem like a whole lot, but every little bit helps! This is good as the faster I am, the less time I’ll be in the water during my English Channel 2013 attempt!

Until next time: Stay focused on your goals and do everything in your power to achieve them! (Oh, and make sure you know the rules/requirements when you are trying something new!!)


About John R Kormanik

Husband, father, attorney, multiple Ironman, aspiring English Channel swimmer
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