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Know When To Fold ‘Em And “Fight” Another Day

Ever have one of those days in your training? A day when you initially feel good at the start, but very shortly feel bad? Lack of energy, lethargic, unable to mentally focus, unable to push? There are, of course, two … Continue reading

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1st Official USMS Postal Swim Done…Sort Of

Well, today was the day for me to complete my first USMS (United States Masters Swimming) “1 Hour Postal” swim. This swim required me to swim as far as I could in 1 hour. The “postal” refers to the fact … Continue reading

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Mental Toughness, Focus And Milestones

Getting in the pool on a regular basis — like 4 or 5 days a week — requires a certain amount of discipline. It is easy to think: “My Channel attempt isn’t for another 2.5 years; missing today won’t really … Continue reading

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Why Blog About My Journey To The English Channel 2013?

The other day, a good friend of mine asked me a very poignant question: Why did you create a blog for your English Channel 2013 journey? There are a couple of reasons I started this blog; I am sure the … Continue reading

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Little Things Can Get The Heart Racing

In a previous post, I wrote about breaking the mammoth task that is attempting to swim the English Channel down into smaller goals along the way. I still believe in this method and continue to practice it. There are some … Continue reading

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