The Beginning (Almost) Of My Journey

Well, I have decided on a new goal following Ironman Arizona in November 2010. I will train for, and do everything in my power to, successfully complete a swim across the English Channel in the summer of 2013! Many of my friends and family think I am certifiable. I, don’t think so. Frankly, I enjoy setting goals that seem somewhat “out of the ordinary” and reaching them!

In a straight line, at its narrowest point (Dover, England to Cap Gris Nez, France) the English Channel is 21 miles across. According to the Channel Swimming Association, however, I will swim much further due to tides and currents.

Until November 21, 2010, I will be mostly occupied with training for IMAZ. I will, however, let you know what I am doing regarding my Channel goal as often as possible. I’d like you to follow me on what is sure to be a FANTASTIC journey!


About John R Kormanik

Husband, father, attorney, multiple Ironman, aspiring English Channel swimmer
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One Response to The Beginning (Almost) Of My Journey

  1. Chuck says:

    John – please add my name to the list of persons wise enough to diagnose you as “certifiable.” But then again, why not? I joined Surfrider when I got back from Belize in February. Too much trash in the ocean and not enough is done to keep more from getting there.

    Send them a check, get a t-shirt. Back in the water please.

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